I'm gonna be honest, last Thursday night was my first time experiencing Downtown Summer Nights presented by Solarity Credit Union and brought to you Chinook Fest. I was blown away! 5:30pm Historic Front Street turns into a party that the entire family can attend for FREE!!

I had to invite the neices and even though they weren't able to make it on stage to help D-Rez and I introduce the acts for the night. It was really special getting to share a first with them and the family!

A little breezy but thankfully the sun was shining, the beer garden flowing (I went with a hard apple cider next time I'll have to try a bit of moonshine) the crowd kept growing but there was plenty of room, and food to keep you occupied from an assortment of vendors.

Downtown Summer Nights

You can bring your own chairs or snag a seat from a ton of different locations. Forgot to bring cash? No worries there are atm's on-site and sponsors who are full of goodies for you to take home or possibly enter to win something cool!

Now to the music! I had the pleasure of introducing Jayleigh Ann and the Lost Boys when they were just starting to book gigs around town a year or so back. A trio of talented youngins, and seriously they better not take offense when I say this because the youngest of the group just turned 11 and they are doing more with their talents than I ever DREAMED of doing at their age.

The group is really coming into their own and so humble, the are just scratching the surface and I am so excited to have found them early on, getting to follow on their journey as they find their voice. They turn covers into their own with harmonies, a mixture of instruments and thank goodness they've got soul because things can get tricky when you are choosing songs from Rihanna and Alicia Keys catalog. If that wasn't enough then they throw out an original filled with lyrics beyond their years!

I mean come on! I'm not jealous, ok maybe more like I see a side of myself in them....I hoped I would just throw myself into learning an instrument when I was younger but wasn't into the practice, where as these three spend hours a day working on what they love!! I guess though we each have our own path, I talked to myself a lot and now I'm a DJ so there ya go ;) Shameless plug you can download our 107.3 KFFM app at the google play or apple i-tunes store, stream at kffm.com or hit your radio dial if you are in the area. I am on from 2pm-7pm weekdays and 12pm-3pm on Saturdays.

The main group of the night was the incredibly talented Seattle based band that goes by The Pazific! If you had come to dance, this was your ticket! Horns and fiddles, the crowd clapping along as children and adults danced in the streets and from their window seats! Couldn't have asked for a better experience for a first time and so excited because I know it won't be the last because this Thursday we do it all again through August 16th.

This Thursday it's Kara Hesse and Super Mother

If you are searching for something fun, free and for the whole family well look no further than Downtown Summer Nights!


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