Art is an expression of your feelings and my dear friend Brittany Schlotman is letting those feelings flow freely right now! You might have seen her beautiful on-the-go coffee rig VanGo Coffee Co. out and about but she is so much more than her coffee gig!

Brittany has a knack for creating gorgeous pieces out of already gorgeous pieces of furniture and THIS is ONE of the reasons Brittany is this Wednesday Woman Crush Wednesday!

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We all have a favorite color and teal is one of mine. I've followed Brittany for a while but when she began posting photos of her work, I was BLOWN away! It was like she crawled up in my brain and painted what was there. She's not only re-painting these pieces but she's adding amazing details like crystals as handles to open drawers and more. It's the little things and Brittany has that in spades. From her kind heart to her gorgeous neck tattoo, to the openness of her rough past and her gorgeous twin boys I am a major fan of this talented lady and she is honestly a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover.

If you are wanting a coffee party at your work or next event, she's your gal. If you are wanting a unique piece commissioned to complete your home or gift for a friend, she is for sure your lady! Supporting local artists is majorly important and for anyone out there creating, I say keep it up and show off as much as you can! You never know who is loving all that you do!

Pieces created by Brittany Schlotman

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