Who is hiring? It almost seems like EVERYONE is wanting to add to their team right now. Every business I go into has a sign and even if they don't, what's stopping you from shooting your shot?

Back in the day, I worked in an office in Hawaii. I spent all day filing cruise ship documents while I sang to myself. I would PISS OFF my much older co-worker with my singing but I didn't stop. Fast forward to today and I have learned two things.

1) Office work is NOT for me

2) I am in the right place now to sing at the top of my lungs but fun fact, I still get asked to keep it down. Nope, you can work on soundproofing your studio better because I most certainly WILL NOT stop singing.

Finding a job is more than just earning a paycheck, it's almost like finding a tribe that fits with your personality. Do you love being outside all day? Maybe something up at White Pass or even being a flag holder will give you those opportunities, you know they make good money right?

Take a deep breath, even make a list of what you like and don't like to get you started, and then start searching for stuff in those categories, or just hitting up stores and shops you've been interested in working with.

A well-written resume, with extra eyes to ensure no typos will help get you where you want to be and I wish you loads of luck. Below is a list of places I always see are hiring and feel free to send me more and I will update all week long!

  • Memorial Hospital
  • MedStar
  • Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool
  • Legends  Casino and Hotel
  • Meraki Creations
  • Bi-Mart
  • Winco
  • Every School District
  • City of (Insert Where You Live)
  • C&S Coffeehouse

Who is Hiring

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