This is an open letter to all young entrepreneurs who wish to make Yakima a better place. Could you please open a conveyor belt sushi restaurant to Yakima?

I know that we already have a few places in Yakima to get sushi, but we don't have one as fun as one that comes gliding in on a conveyor belt. And, although we have some conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Seattle and Portland and even Sushi Maru in Spokane, I'd love to have one locally.

My family and I visited Genki Sushi in Hawaii (they also have restaurants in Renton and Capitol Hill) and it was a fun experience. Best of all, you eat until your full, then pay for what you grabbed. I have a habit of ordering too much, getting stuck with a huge bill and having much of it go to waste. This way I can grab what I need as I need it. The kids had fun, too.

So, I beg and plead, if you're thinking of opening a franchise in Yakima, a restaurant that we don't have anything like yet, I'd suggest look into Genki Sushi, Sushi Maru or make your own conveyor belt sushi restaurant in town. We'd eat there all the time!