Oh, man! The famous saying, stick to your day job really holds true for this local criminal!

We've got a 25-year-old gentleman out of Seattle who decided he was going to take himself to the Home Depot and steal till he can't no more.

He successfully filled his cart with goods, and even walked past police in the parking lot to reach his getaway vehicle when he realized he dropped his keys somewhere inside the store!

While he was inside searching for them, employees were able to contact the police and he was arrested once he made to the parking lot!

He ALMOST made it out of there with $1,500 worth of stolen goods.

Seattle Police - 1, Criminal - 0

I was mentioning this yahoo to my co-worker and he went in on a story back in the day when the first cellphones came out, those huge grey blocks!

He owned a shop in a bad neighborhood, and one day he accidentally left the cellphone on the counter. Knowing full well that when he went back, it would probably be stolen; he wasn't shocked when he arrived and saw he'd been broken into.

He called the phone, and the criminal answered! After screaming at each other for a while,  they both agreed to set-up a time to meet behind to store. The owner was willing to pay the criminal to get his phone back! What they both failed to mention over the phone was that they were both packing heat.

The meeting begins, the phone and money are exchanged, and the store owner is so irritated he pulls out his gun, not an experienced shot, and shoots the dude in the knee cap! The criminal pulls out his gun, shoots the store owner in the kneecap! Both are on the ground covered in blood screaming, and now they have to use the phone to call the police and they BOTH get arrested! True story hahahahaha!




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