Watching an episode of The Travel Channel’s Man v. Food will make you hungry for sure. If you live in California or are planning a trip there, wouldn’t you just love to eat at one of the restaurants featured on the TV show? Man v. Food’s hosts, Adam Richman and Casey Webb, didn’t eat in restaurants on this popular foodie show unless there were giant portions of food to try.

Whether you’re in the mood for massive burritos, baby back ribs, huge burgers, dumplings, Michelin-star worthy Vietnamese food, a 2-gallon ice cream sundae, French Dips, chicken sandwiches, 5 rounds of homemade sushi rolls, or a 6-pound breakfast, be sure to bring your appetite. We’re headed to L.A., San Jose, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Sacramento, and Costa Mesa for large portions of some larger-than-life California restaurants!

10 California Man V. Food Restaurants


1 . El Tepeyac

El Tepeyac Cafe - Los Angeles
Google Street View

El Tepeyac in San Diego is known for its massive burritos, including the Goliath Manuel's Special, which weighs in at 5 pounds.

812 N Evergreen Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033

@mikeythefoodieguy this place was on MAN VS FOOD,this was the mini Manuel special they have the original Manuel special but it's big enough to fill up 5 people#manvsfood #burrito #boyleheights #travel #traveltiktok #fyp ♬ original sound - Mikeythefoodieguy


2 . The Broken Yolk Cafe

Broken Yolk Cafe - San Diego
Google Street View

The Broken Yolk Cafe in San Diego is home to the infamous 6-pound breakfast, which includes a 12-egg omelet, chili, home fries, and two biscuits.

355 Sixth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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3 . Henry's World Famous Hi-Life

Henry's World Famous Baby Back Ribs
Henry's World Famous Hi-Life via Instagram

Henry's World Famous Hi-Life in Los Angeles is a classic steakhouse that's known for its baby back ribs.

301 W St John St, San Jose, CA 95110


4 . Philippe's in Los Angeles

Phillipe's - San Jose
Phillipe's via Google Maps

Philippe's in Los Angeles is a French dip sandwich shop that's been serving up its famous sandwiches since 1908.

1001 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

@fabeveryday Have you had the original French dip sandwich at Philippe’s in LA? #travelfood #losangelesfood #lafoodie #frenchdip #foodietok #foodtiktok #foodie ♬ ALMOST HOME - Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier



5 . The Original Tommy's in Los Angeles

The Original Tommy's - Los Angeles
Google Maps

The Original Tommy's in Los Angeles is a hot dog stand that's been around since 1946.

2575 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057

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6 . Ju Hachi Japanese Cuisine

Ju Hachi Japanese Cuisine - Sacramento
Ju Hachi Japanese Cuisine via Google Maps

Ju Hachi Japanese Cuisine held the Five-Round Sushi Challenge, which was won on the Man Vs Food television show.

1730 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811

@zaynsilmi Since my fav Mikunis doesn’t have outdoor seating yet. Tried a new sushi spot! #sactiktok #sushi #sacramento #sacramentotiktok #food #sac #916 #fyp ♬ Nominate - Stonebwoy


7 . The Crack Shack

The Crack Shack - Costa Mesa
The Crab Shack via Google Maps

The Crack Shack in Costa Mesa is a fried chicken restaurant that's known for its delicious chicken sandwiches.

196 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

@tylerandzack Definitely try their spicy chicken sandwich! thecrack_shack_69 #crackshack #thecrackshack #food #foodies #foodreview #resturantreview #fyp ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] - Elliot Van Coup

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8 . Cold Spring Tavern

Cold Spring Tavern - Santa Barbara
Google Maps

Try the Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara if only for the tri-tip sandwich, which is served “sliced and served inside a bolillo roll with sides of barbecue sauce.”

5995 Stagecoach Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

@sunoutdoors Secret restaurant?? Yes please. #santabarbara #hiddengem #californiahiddengems #traveltiktok #cottagecore ♬ Timelapse - Michael Logozar


9 . Lucha Libre Taco Shop

Lucha Libre Taco Shop - San Diego
Lucha Libre Taco Shop via Google Maps

Lucha Libre Taco Shop in San Diego for the Surfin’ California Burrito. 

1810 W Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

@fabysnails Lucha Libre Tacos Shop, San Diego #sandiegoeats #foodietiktok #MunchiesWithTubi #Sing2gether #tacos #foodvlog ♬ Flor De Capomo - Carlos Y José


10 . Falafel’s Drive In

Falafel's Drive In - San Jose
Google Maps

Fans rave about the falafel!

2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

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