Seriously, are you ok today?

Currently, I am doing ok. Full transparency, I just finished crying.

Not like out of control with snot bubbles, more of a light cry. An overflow of emotions cry. This is all pretty wild and sometimes I feel kind of wild. Speaking all of it out loud helps. Releasing the extra noise so you can return to sifting through updates, missing family and wanting hugs, being essential while staying upbeat. The constant snacking. I see you and yes it's time to pay attention a bit more.

Take a deep breath. You and I are ok. It's normal to cry. It's a natural release. Most of the time when all the thoughts come tumbling in I stop and remind myself, it's ok. The world is not exploding and there's no point in going down a dark hole of random negative thoughts. I take a deep breath, I focus on what I am currently doing, knowing that I am ok. Saying that I am ok. You are ok. We are going to continue to be ok because we are breathing, we are strong and we have cool stuff to get into today so I want to know all about it.

An inspiration lately has been a local Washington State artist that goes by @carrieaf. Her constant creativity is giving me life right now.

CarrieAF Washington State Artist


The one that got me hooked and I never went for it. She has since moved on with the amazing projects above but that is one of the things I love most about art. It flows through people and once the expression has been reached a new creative thread is pulled and the process begins again.

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And do reach out if you are still not feeling ok

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