Are you in the mood for a really good meal? Captain Crab and Ramen is this week's Foodie Friday's with Sarah J powered by Coca-Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities!

Baby, this place is more than just ramen, this is an experience, with choices. Have you ever tried a boil? Captain Crab and Ramen specializes in levels of boils, brought your table including your basic shrimp on the shell, clams, corn and such all the way up to King and Snow Crab legs mixed in with your sausage, pacific mussels and more!

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Captain Crab and Ramen is open Wednesday and Thursday 11 am - 9:30 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am - 10 pm, Sunday and Monday 11 am - 9:30 pm and located at 420 S 72nd Ave #160, Yakima, WA 98908.

It's exciting to get to sit down and enjoy a full meal again. Plenty of room for big or small parties, I decided a date with Mom would be perfection. We started off with a pot of green tea and Takoyaki Octopus Dumplings. Delicious and fancy with whatever was shaved on top. Not too greasy and a nice amount of octopus.

Mom ordered the Shoyu Ramen, which we discovered is more on the soy saucy side than salty and I went with a spicy version of the Garlic Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen. Their broths are made fresh daily and I have to say, it was the perfect amount of spice. Nothing stayed on my tongue or burned my stomach. I decided to add on seaweed, which I was happy to find came as a side with squares of seaweed on a plate to add as I saw fit and added woodear mushrooms. Never heard of of them before but they were delicious. In the end Mom and I both were able to take ramen home and I'm excited to bring the hubs back for a seafood boil really soon.

If you're searching for a delicious place to grab ramen, seafood and a good time, this is it!

Captain Crab and Ramen

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