I just asked my co-worker Todd from 94.5 Kats what his favorite thing to order at Ron's Tacos and Burgers in Yakima is and he said, "you know I have to be honest, I've never been there before." I told him it's a must, after feigning shock, I silently had to remind myself that I have only been twice. Too few times in my opinion after finally ordering a full meal from there the other day! Even if you're swinging through Yakima, make note of this hidden gem!

Foodie Friday's with Sarah J powered by Coca-Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities is all about finding the local spots to obtain great food and Ron's Tacos and Burgers, located at W Lincoln Ave, on the corner of Lincoln and 16th, it's a must for all things fried and sweet!

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If you weren't aware, they feature sky-high ice cream cones. Perfect for any hot summer day but that's not where the dessert items end. NO! They have a huge selection of sundaes and shakes with even more toppings and syrups to add plus the cherry on top with what tastes like their own batch of homemade whipped cream. Their ice cream is delicious, even freezes well. I had to test it because my hot fudge sundae was not only huge but rich and so satisfying. The cravings kicked in the next day and within minutes I was able to start working on it again, Ron's for the win!

My husband loves the memory of going to Ron's Tacos and Burgers when he was little. If he was having a bad day and needed some time off, on occasion, she would let him ditch school and they would go for an ice cream cone at Ron's.

Here's what our 107.3 KFFM Facebook fans had to say about Ron's Tacos and Burgers

We love their bacon cheeseburgers, bag of fries, and of course the ice cream! - Kim Berly


The soft serve ice cream hits every single time!!! - Julissa NDaniel Cerda


The mixed bag of fries!!! - Bianca Santacruz


The nachos there are the best in town. - Muttley Mcruff


The look on my daughter's face about 10 years ago when she saw the size of her first ice cream cone from Ron's. This kid about lost her noodle! - Morgan Lykins


The ice cream. My gram takes me at least once a year for the ice cream and I'm 37 years old :) - LyndaSemaj-Noscaasi


We used to go after my brother's baseball games! The ice cream is so good. - Ashley Getz


I love their burgers, though the taco salad will feed me for like three meals. I was excited to see they finally accept credit cards - Katt Kantack


As a kid my Dad would load me and my friends up in the back of the truck and take us to get ice cream from there. Best soft serve! - Sonya Bender Pritchard


Half and half ice cream cone! - Shannon Heide Cleveringa

We decided to call in an order of a double cheeseburger, fries, tater tots, a BLT, and a hot fudge sundae. Within 12 minutes we had rolled into the parking lot and I picked up the hot food while the hot fudge sundae was made on the spot and brought out to our car.

Um...I was warned the BLT was good but OMG! It has five slices of bacon on a ciabatta bun. It's HUGE and reheats perfectly in the air fryer. The tots and fries are delicious with a really nice crunch and their fry sauce is next level. A bit thicker than most and lighter in color but right up there with the best. The burger was nice and juicy and the hot fudge sundae was towering but not enough to drip all over my hands while trying to eat it.

If you love a good burger joint, this is one you've got to try out, AND if you're searching for a job or know of someone who is. They are also hiring.

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