Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is going good. Wanted to share a little story about my lunch today. I have been working on making smarter choices when it comes to food...I mean one can only eat the greek salad from Arby's so many times before that delicious Tadzhik dressing begins to feel a little too creamy, is it hugging my thighs? I don't know but I need to switch it up so I head to the Subway today.

Do I do a sub or really go in and get a chopped salad? Yes, salad it is with all the yummy veggies, a little bit of cheese, yes to the jalapenos and I even made the smart choice to use oil and vinegar with salt and pepper besides another creamy (delicious but calorie packed dressing)

Woohoo I am so proud of myself...until I get half way through and started choking on the jalapenos! I love spice but I am realizing as I get older my body can't handle it the same as it used to! Full on face and mouth on fire with a runny nose and tears streaming down my cheeks. Was it worth it? Yes! Will I still add jalapenos again? Yes. Will I be a little more careful and probably ask for less next time? For sure! :)

Townsquare Media/Sarah J/Jalepenos got me
Townsquare Media/Sarah J/Jalepenos got me

The struggle to eat healthy is real and we all deal with it on the daily so I would love to know what positive choice you have made recently when it comes to your health!

Need some support? I have a FREE & PRIVATE group called Get It Right! Get It Tight! on my facebook page @sarahjthedj and I would LOVE for you to join. We have a newsletter, weekly on-line support meetings, we share tips, tricks, successes and failures but it's just a bunch of us trying to keep it healthy while having a good time.

Love to have you join and share but either way keep it here for more and until next time.

Take care,

Sarah J


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