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That was all well and good when we were youngbloods but now that I am nearing my 40's, aaaah, I am aging myself as I open up! It's not as simple. The creaks and cracks of hard days spent playing softball are beginning to show themselves. The 60-pound weight loss I experienced from switching up my diet has piled back on and I am left wondering what the hell happened.

Insert real talk. If you know what's happening with your body, don't ignore it. There are a ton of people who DON'T know what the issue is. It's not a REAL problem because we know how to solve it, it's more of an inconvenience. Uggg! I read that somewhere recently and it has stuck with me like glue. Take a deep breath and let's start taking care of ourselves.

I am a HUGE lover of food. With a PCOS diagnosis, my body doesn't know what to do with ALMOST all my favorites like donuts, pasta, sugar, flour, nachos, gluten, even flipping cereal! No dairy? WTF! But again, I know what this is so it's not a real problem it's an inconvenience. It would be heartbreaking if I can't have a child but it's not the end of the World. Air hug to those who struggle with this.

It's not a death sentence, it's a lifestyle change and so I implore you to put down the fork and make a plan...that involves some sort of exercise. Listen to the radio while going for a walk, or sing and dance it out

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Here are some of the small changes I have been making that are really starting to make me feel better. I'd love to hear yours.


I have been digging a veggie scramble with a mixture of tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, onions, and peppers. I beat my eggs with a fork for 60 whips, add avocado oil to my pan set on medium, drop in my veggies, and add seasonings like; salt and pepper, cumin, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, and some type of heat like cayenne. Once the veggies are cooked pop them in your bowl,  re-oil the pan then add your eggs. I cook them on medium heat and it only takes a few flicks of that spatula before those gorgeous protein fluffs are ready. I finish it off with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. Never thought I would be grabbing that stuff but it's non-dairy and gives you the creaminess of cheese! Maybe it's in my head but I like it. I try to add in a cup of green tea as well.


1/2 a cup of coconut silk in a jar with two tablespoons of chia seeds and a pop of sugar-free vanilla syrup. Set it in the fridge overnight or a few hours. The seeds expand and will help keep you full plus the added fiber to your diet will help everything flow better ;) I have been adding banana and kiwi or my current favorite half a sliced grapefruit.

Nori Chips and Cucumbers are another delicious and easy snack


A flipping work in progress! Today I grabbed an apple, belvita crackers, nut butter, strawberries, and a rice cake. I've noticed if I don't eat lunch or a light one I am snacking way more late at night. No bueno, but you know what? Not every day is going to be perfect and I am out here trying to live my life so if I munched on some Fritos or Cheezits, so be it. We've got this! One day at a time and remember to be kind to yourself.


Recently I have been REALLY enjoying a bowl of cauliflower rice ( I buy the bag you just throw into the microwave) with two and a half shredded imitation crab legs, pickled radishes (I made it! super easy) onions, chopped lettuce, cucumbers, and jalapeno with a side of nori chips (they are only 20 calories a bag) and a mixture of Kewpie Mayo I mix with some siracha. With a side of edamame. I use chopsticks, it's messy, delicious, and very satisfying. The switch-up has been tuna in place of crab. Little nori cucumber and tuna sandwiches are so flipping good.


I came across a TIKTOK where a user was testing out So Delicious dairy-free ice cream bars. BOMB! I just grabbed a can of coconut whipping cream and also have tried out So Delicious Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I probably need to find something with less sugar but it was yummy and I was satisfied after a few bites. Also, dark chocolate bars from Grocery Outlet sometimes are only .99 for fancy flavors like toasted coconut.


Supposed to be staying away from caffeine but an iced coffee or sugar-free americano hit so nice. I really enjoy adding Pink Lemaide Crystal Light to iced water and the Cascade Ice Grapefruits are what I use when I am craving something bubbly. I love water with ice and I have been trying to drink more tea. Specifically, Green Tea and Earl Grey because I am a freak for a London Fog, Going to try and make lavender simple syrup with monk sugar and see what happens.

I wish you loads of luck with whatever cards life has handed you. Reach out anytime and happy eating!

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