Time is moving in such a weird way these days. We are being asked to stay inside due to hazardous air from fires and also stay distant from everyone not living with us due to the Corona Virus.

I look outside and I keep thinking it's a crisp Fall day with heavy fog covering the valley but each day this drags on I have to keep reminding myself that Fall is not here yet and that fog is actually smoke from fires in Washington, Oregon and even California, my thoughts go out to the firefighters and those trying to keep their homes safe.

One could start getting a little stir crazy without some healthy activities to set your body, mind and soul at ease so when I got a message about YOCO (Yakima Yoga Collective) beginning to open their studio for small classes, I was in but I had to give them my e-mail first because there are some new guidelines to follow.

  • Make sure you bring a mask that will be worn while you are in the building
  • You need to sanitize when you arrive and then again after you sign-in or after using the restroom
  • Please keep your items with you instead of storing them in the back
  • You'll need to bring your own mat, blocks, towel or whatever you normally enjoy having
  • There must be at least 18 feet between each mat

Sharon, one of YOCO's fabulous instructors, was filling in today and if you still aren't familiar with what YOCO is well hold on to your sun salutation because this is SO cool. It's a collective of YOGI loving people who offer up their trained expertise to the public, for FREE (donations are always accepted). While Covid-19 has been halting in-person classes, they have been offering daily chances to meditate, enjoy a bit of yoga and more so if that interests you you'll want to make sure to friend them on Facebook so you'll get the daily alerts.

Class was fantastic, I haven't practiced in a bit so getting to settle into breathing and letting my mind focus on just that is wonderful. I didn't realized how much I have missed in person classes until I was sitting there enjoying and even though this wasn't a break a sweat type of class, my muscles were so thankful for the stretches.

Try it. Seriously, even if it's just finding a yoga class on youtube to get you started don't miss out on the chance to find a bit more inner peace during a time we all could use a little more.

Yoga Collective of Yakima


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