I'm still participating in my daily yoga routine and absolutely loving it. Today I noticed that my breathing is deeper and I feel more relaxed. I still can't sit on my heels because my knees feel like they are going to snap BUT I can cat to cow tail like no one's business and my husband doesn't seem to mind at all haha ;)

For me, my health journey is no longer about searching for the right number on the scale but about how my body feels. It's currently changing and I am noticing my go-to clothing choices are broadening based on my new confidence and comfort.

Each of us has passions and interests, mixing my love of music with the radio earlier today I interviewed native Selah dancer Adele about her latest passion project that features our valley. She mentioned that if you continue thinking about something obviously it's meant for you. Taking the leap will open doors you didn't even know existed. But you have to move towards it.

When I mentioned to my husband how I felt like I was breathing differently he said plainly, "you are. Before you were just thinking and hoping you would be getting in better shape and now you're doing it."

We are all on our own time table but just know, what you want, what you need, and where you are will align if you decide to take the leap. It might not turn out the way you imagined. It will probably be even better. Because that's how life works.

I've been waiting for my love of veggies to come back and it's now fully here. The Pacific Northwest Fresh boxes are still giving me a fun weekly challenge and this latest box had me experimenting with tarragon cream sauce over cauliflower steaks. Shockingly rich and delicious. So much so that I had to go back for more cream so I could continue to make them!

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