Flipping Drew Barrymore!

One of my favorite actresses of all time. Last night and today my husband and I were enjoying her and Adam Sandler's film 50 First Dates, one of the best romantic comedies of all-time, fight me on it.

She's been teasing her brand new venture The Drew Barrymore Show with clips like the above video featuring Drew interviewing her younger self, so flipping cute. Her first show is going to feature Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, and even a clip from Adam Sandler with an update of where the characters from 50 First Dates would be today.

I loved that even before her show, which premiered today, Monday, September 14th, 2020 she was already airing a youtube behind the scene special on how the filming went. It gives a real picture of who she is and how much love she's putting into this thing.

The one thing I thought was weird was the delay on when her show was actually going to air. Even today, when I realized it was time I struggled to find the right station, NBC at 3 pm in the Yakima area. Her website is the perfect spot to swing by because you can just input your zip code and boom, you'll find it.

I'm on-air at this point so in honor of Drew Barrymore and how much I love her films and her general personality I figured I would try and help spread the word so more people know!

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