Craving Authentic Indian Food in the Yakima Valley?

Google Review for Geet Indian Cuisine
Geet Indian Cuisine Google Review

If you're searching for the flavor of India in the Yakima Valley you have a few different options to calm your cravings. Pro tip if you are new to this, even if you like spicy food, go with a lower number to start with. The flavors and the heat build, worth it but I don't want you to burn your butt too soon!

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Taj Palace

Indian Food Buffet
Via Taj Palace

Story time. Over 12 years ago when I first moved back into town I was dating a guy from India I had met while working on cruise ships who had introduced me to all types of Indian food. I had big dreams of moving to India and was so excited to test out this spot, which totally took me to flavor town. Thankfully that relationship ended but Taj Palace is still around and better than ever. Recently I took my nieces to try all the offerings from their daily lunch buffet for the first time, they loved it and have been begging me to take them back. It's a great spot to take people who have never really tried Indian food before also totally it's worth sitting down at a booth and enjoying an ice cold beer with some Tika Masala and cheesy naan or ordering to go, with tons of options for your entire crew. They are located at 2710 West Nob Hill BLVD in Yakima, WA

Geet Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurant
Google 360 Image

This is a spot I didn't know existed, I spoke with the owner and she mentioned they have been around for just five weeks so this is very exciting to add it to the list of spots to try in Yakima. The google reviews are in 4.7 out of five and it looks like the options of naan are super fancy plus many more options. This spot is located at 1219 North 1st St. in Yakima

I thought the food was great! I ordered 2 different naans, the mushroom and truffle, and the rosemary and olive oil. They came out fresh and hot. I ordered the Samosa Chaat as an appetizer. I ordered the Korma and it came out hot and with lots of sauce! Each meal comes with a side of white rice. Bathrooms clean. I suggest going here for lunch because of where it’s located. - Nicole


Google Review for Geet Indian Cuisine
Geet Indian Cuisine Google Review

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Rocky Mart

Sarah Johnson
Rocky Mart features authentic Indian Food

Don't let this gas station fool you, when you walk in there is a menu stuck to the deli case filled with all your favorite Indian foods and they are happy to whip up any and all of it. Great portions and super convenient to grab your gas and a great meal all at the same time.

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