Excitement is brewing in Yakima. There are many foodies (including myself) wondering what is happening at the old Cheese Junkies restaurant building on Summitview Avenue Yakima. There has been noticeable construction on the site and lots of workers going in and out of the building. This restaurant location has seen many eateries launch their business in this building before: Lutong Pinoy, Sweet Bees Restaurant, Meraki Creations, and the most recent one that closed up shop to become a food truck only establishment, Cheese Junkies.

Old Cheese Junkies Restaurant sign in Yakima
TSM/Reesha Cosby


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A friend reached out to me this morning and asked me if I had any intel on what was happening at 1510 Summitview. The old beige-colored brick has been replaced by vanilla-colored…hold up, I don’t really know. Is it covered in cement? Stucco? (My friend/coworker says perhaps it’s made out of leftover Cheese Junkies cheese? Ha!)

I took a drive out to the site for a snoopy Nosy Nelly visit and right away I noticed a posted sign on the inside of the door telling me what new restaurant we have in store for Yakima.

Public Notice of The Spice Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Yakima
TSM/Reesha Cosby

Ooohwee, I am excited now! It looks like Yakima is getting a new Indian food restaurant!



Front Door view of The Spice Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Yakima WA
TSM/Reesha Cosby

My favorite Indian food is butter chicken and tikka masala with paneer. Tandoori is a close third. It’s the right amount of fenugreek leaves that make or break an Indian curry dish for me. And no Indian meal is complete without some freaking awesome delicious naan. (I prefer garlic naan.)


The Spice Yakima has applied for a beer, wine, and spirits license with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, so that means alcoholic beverages will be served in addition to the meals.

The Spice Indian Cuisine restaurant was granted the licensing approval in February 2022.*

We are excited for The Spice Indian Cuisine to open its doors sometime soon. There will be four Indian restaurants in town! No word on what the new owners will do with this cool patio that sits on the property.

Patio at 1510 Summitview Ave in Yakima
TSM/Reesha Cosby
Patio View at 1510 Summitview Ave in Yakima
TSM/Reesha Cosby
Patio Sign at 1510 Summitview Ave in Yakima
TSM/Reesha Cosby

If you have a craving for some delicious Indian food in Yakima, try one of the following open restaurants:

Taj Palace


Rocky Mart


Geet Indian Cuisine

1219 N 1st St

We also can’t wait for this other restaurant to open soon in Yakima, Y Kitchen & Bar on West Lincoln Ave.

*This article has been updated to reflect that Varinder Kaur (owner of Geet Indian Cuisine) is has no ties to ownership of the new Spice Indian Cuisine restaurant.

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