The Little Girl

Ever since Linda could remember she's been visited by what she refers to as shadows, animals, and a little girl in particular. She owned a home on Naches where she rented the bottom portion out while she lived on the top. There had always been the presence of a little girl maybe six or seven years old that she would see. Linda's bed faced the hallway of her home and she'd wake-up in the middle of the night feeling like she was being stared at, sure enough, the little shadow girl was there watching but she said she never felt afraid. The renters had a daughter and it was known by everyone that she'd been caught playing with the shadow girl, no issues, just part of the deal.

3. The Film Almost Gets Caught In a (Ghost) Trap

If You Do They Could Follow You Home

Apparently, if you drive to 5050 Bohosky Road, "If you can find it," says Steven things will follow you home and haunt you in your dreams. FYI it apparently is all blocked off so not a good idea to go traipsing around on private property but supposedly there is a tombstone from the 1800's up there. The people who have dealt with the dreams describe a man with a hat. If you have experienced this or something like it, you know I want to hear all about it.

Album of the Year Winners
Ruffhouse, Columbia

Pick Your Favorite Album and Fall Asleep

This isn't really a ghost story just something very cool to try. Pick a night that you are open to falling asleep while playing your favorite album. When you dream, it will be themed with the songs in the album. I've only tried it once, I chose The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and though I can't remember specific details of the dream I know I heard her in the background. It was weird and worth a try. I'd love to know if it works and also what you dreamed out!

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Stephanie Santana
Grandpa while he was alive and happy

Oh, That's Just Grandpa

Stephanie and her Grandpa were really close, a few years ago he passed away, and when Stephanie got pregnant with her now one-year-old daughter she was pretty bummed because Grandpa wasn't going to get to meet her new baby. One night when her baby was a few weeks old, thoughts of Stephanie's Grandpa had really been weighing heavy on her all day. She went to the bathroom and when she came back her Grandpa was sitting on the couch holding her baby. She started crying and her husband woke-up panicking. To this day she is still unsure if it was a dream or it actually happened but she takes comfort in the memory that she knows he came to visit, he got to meet her baby. She is named after him and is always staring at the corner of the house, where Stephanie saw her Grandpa sitting on the couch. She will just be babbling away and laughing at what looks like nothing, but is it? Stephanie also says her Grandpa was naughty her sweet pea will hang out below where he used to sit and look at the spot and then look at her Mom or her Grandma and start laughing and babbling and then look back at the spot. She is convinced that she and Grandpa are busy making jokes.

Stephanie Santana
3. Dramas of Extreme Competence


One time in our old apartment my husband was sleeping super hard and seemed to be getting a little warm so I asked him out loud, "Hey, are you ok?" He said in a deep voice, "leave him alone, he's fine, he's sleeping." I was totally weirded out and asked the hubs when he woke-up if he remembered saying anything to me. Nope. We still laugh about it from time to time but sometimes I do wonder, WTF was that about it? ~ Sarah J

Sarah Johnson
Terrified or Petrified


Taking it back to the year 1981 when Dan and his friends were checking out an old abandoned house near the new soccer fields by the airport. They were wandering around downstairs when they heard a noise coming from upstairs. They all went to investigate and that's when they heard a loud thud downstairs. When they got back down to the ground level they found a petrified black crow stuck beak first into the floor, it was most definitely not there when they first arrived. The bolted and though the house is no longer there Dan still feels a bit creeped out anytime he is around the area of where that house used to be!

Buy a Fridge Get a Free Plasma Ball

Chad has witnessed energy balls in the old Shultz Furniture building and he's not the only one. There have been stories of furniture getting all scratched up and more but on this particular day, Chad was with his Dad shopping for appliances. He was wandering around opening all the refrigerator doors when he noticed that each one of them had an energy ball inside. They looked exactly like those glass balls where you touch them and the electricity moves with your fingers. Being five years old, Chad really wanted one and encouraged his Dad to pick-up a fridge. I mean obviously, they were having a sale, buy a fridge get a plasma ball was his thinking but when he went to show his Dad one of the balls, there were gone. Dad walked away, Chad opens the fridge door and the plasma ball came back. Chad brought the balls up to his Dad about 30 years later and his Dad does remember him trying to show him something inside the fridges. Now, go open your fridge!

Now that we have reached seven editions of ghost stories from the Yakima Valley I would love to extend the offer to Washington State ghost stories. A few of you have shown interest in places you can do your own ghost hunting so first I will remind you breaking and entering is never a good idea so please pay attention if you are on private property or reach out to the owners before moving forward. A list of places will be

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