Hat Man

Have you ever heard of the “Hat Man”? He's been described as a dark, shadowy figure with a trench coat and a top hat.

Naomi had never heard of this “thing” but was about to be reacquainted with a memory from her past when six months ago she was added to a group on Facebook for people who have had supernatural experiences. While scrolling she saw a post that left her pale and shaky. A memory she hadn't thought about for a long time came flooding back.

When Naomi was about 17, she was watching tv while washing the laundry for her mom. Everyone at home was sleeping but she'd had insomnia most of her life, so she was wide awake. When it was time to switch over the laundry she went in without turning the lights on so it was pretty dark except for moonlight seeping through the windows. In the corner, she saw a dark figure sitting in what should have been an empty rocking chair. It had red glowing eyes, a hat, and a trench coat. As she looked at it, it stood up, towering over her, and just stared at her. Naomi, obviously freaking out, ran back upstairs and refused to go back until someone saged the room. Now that she has a name for what she saw, it turns out, a lot of people have seen the “hat man”. It's said to show up to warn people of danger but there isn’t a consensus about what the “hat man” means because all the stories are different. Some people only see it if they are experiencing sleep paralysis, others see it while they're wide awake and going about their day. The pictures below is similar to what she saw.

Naomi Adams
Hat Man

The Freaks Come Out at Night Or Are They Just Ghosts?

The Gear Jammer is a local truck stop and diner that's open around the clock due to constant traffic from truck drivers rolling through. Jordan works the night shift and was warned by his boss that it's haunted. His words

man lemme tell you that place is ******* freaky at night

He explains that you'll be in the bathroom and after a bit, you'll start to hear voices but when you go to check it out there is no one anywhere in the building and then they stop. One time at two or three o'clock in the morning he looked out the window and in the reflection, he saw a man standing in the hallway. He ran to check it out and no one was there.

Jordan has heard people walking upstairs, heard voices right next to him asking questions like, 'excuse me?' Or one time he heard someone say, "Hey!" when he was in the bathroom it freaked him out but when he turned around to answer them there's no one there!

What do you think it all means?

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