I'm going to be real with you. For a hot minute, I've been feeling kind of itchy. There was an incident with some bed bugs a while ago and I've come to terms with it ... but the PTSD carries on. I feel like they are still there. They are not. But are they? OMG!

Anyway, I have been itchy on my legs and arms. Then I noticed some red marks and I think, holy moly, I am being taken over from the inside out. Am I getting carried away? Probably. Am I going to stay quiet? No, I feel the need to speak my truth.

Last night was too much. The cortisone cream wasn't working and the whole left side of my body started to flare up. So my husband and I do what many couples do, Google photos. It's not bed bugs, it's flipping heat rash!

*Exhale giant sigh* Still will confirm with my mom. She's a nurse and makes a difference. That's from the jingle, but she really does :) * yep * she said it looks to be so!

Anyhoo, if you have never experienced heat rash, here are the tips that seem to be helping:


  • 1

    Take cold showers

    A few a day should keep the itching at bay


  • 2

    Cortisone Cream

    Use a bit of this twice a day on the infected areas

  • 3

    Drink water

    keep yourself hydrated

  • 4

    Wear loose clothing

    I didn't realize my leggings and sweater were becoming part of the problem

  • 5

    Won't go away

    check with a professional as I am not one ;)

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