I've been interested in partaking in a delivery service of fresh produce and after seeing beautiful pictures of people raving about their boxes online I chose Pacific Northwest Fresh to see what the hype was all about. Now, I'm hooked!

First, I have go-to veggies and basic knowledge that I realized I really needed to dust up one this box arrived. It's been an adventure from beginning to end. I've never cooked with turnips or rainbow carrots. I wasn't sure how to properly store onions (cool dry place) lemons (in the fridge) or potatoes (a paper sack in the cupboard) but I do now!

You don't know what you'll be getting but that's kind of the exciting part. I'll get all my proteins lined up and honestly I probably would have spent more at the store so this is a challenge to not only learn about different veggies but also eat healthily and find new recipes or this will all go to waste. So far so good!

My Pacific Northwest Fresh Experience


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