Spring has arrived and with it the beginning of the growing season. Daffodils have started popping up and I believe tulips are next. The different shops are filling up with pots and seeds, plants and tips and I've got one for you too, find your sunniest window.

Got it?

Can you put some plants there? I noticed something as winter drug on. The sunshine in your sunniest window can provide your favorite plants with the right amount of light they need to thrive like you've never seen before.

I've bragged about my avocado tree and it's growth but now that I have it in the right window and have begun watering correctly, it's growing like crazy. The leaves are bigger than my hands and that's not all and my lemon tree is LOVING it. I received some basil in my latest Pacific Northwest Fresh box and put it in bottle, after moving it up to the same window with the avocado tree I noticed a thick, I mean THICK root! Same with my oregano. I read if you are propagating in water, adding a bit of dirt to the water before you plant will help it root a lot better. I've never tried it but the time is now.

Do you love wine? Me too! After you're finished with your next bottle you can wash it up and use it for watering your bigger potted plants. Fill it to the top and use your hand to cover the top while you flip it over and push it down into the dirt. The water will slowly drain out and water all areas of your plant instead of the water just sitting on the top. You can check the dirt by sticking your finger a few inches down to see if it's dry or damp to gage when you should water again. So far two bottles have my avocado tree chugging like Frank the Tank at a college party.

Lastly, name one of your plants after you. Plants really do enjoy you talking to them and when you name one after yourself all those positive words are now like affirmations for yourself :)

Try it and show me how your garden grows!

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My Sunniest Window

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