I moved to Yakima in 2002, so I don't know all the old-old stuff, but I still have a few things to add to this new viral "How (City) old are you" thing.

I'm "Poochies Hot Dog Stand on 3rd Ave just closed and I'm hella mad", years old.

One of my co-workers introduced me to Poochies back in the early 2010's and it quickly became one of my favorite Yakima spots. I loved their chili dogs. There must have been something special about their chili recipe because it was the best I'd ever had. OH-EM-GEE!

When it closed down (abruptly, I might add), I was furious. I kept driving by it daily to see if perhaps it was just a temporary closure, but sure enough, it was gone for good. I ended up getting my chili dog fix at The Soda Fountain shop at the Yakima Museum (and it's now gone, too, although it is under new ownership)!

I'm also Cingular Wireless old.

I'm Pasta Pronto old.

I'm the original Rusillos Pizza with the pretty mural walls and gigantic pizza slices, and then they moved to Yakima Ave and closed up shop old.

I'm Tequila's Family Restaurant in Track 29 on the TRAIN for Cinco de Mayo old.

I'm sensing a theme for me here, and that theme is "Don't mess with my food!" Ha!

How Yakima old are you?

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