I am always up for a new show and interestingly enough, I discovered this one via Instagram!

It's mystical, magical and brilliantly written! If you didn't catch the post I wrote about staying at Bella's house via AirBNB ("Twilight"), this new show is next level when it comes to magical beings. It's for the adults! Season One is wrapped up and good enough to own, so I went for it and purchased the first season. They are currently filming Season Two!

It's based on a three-book series by author Deborah Harkness. The first book is "A Discovery of Witches," the second is "Shadow of Night" and the third is "The Book of Life."

My husband and I flew through Season One and I am already back to re-watching it. I am fascinated by witches and vampires, and honestly this is one of the most interesting, "realistic" versions of mystical creatures I have seen.

Totally going to purchase the books. The author is directly working with the scriptwriters, and from what I can tell from fans, the show is doing a fantastic job of catching the essence of the story.

I am such a fan I know this weekend is the #allsoulsconvention over in Cardiff, Wales! If only I had access to my private jet ;)

No spoilers over here, just good times. Very excited for Season Two, and it sounds like it could take place by the end of 2019!

In the meantime I would LOVE to know what shows you are hooked on this summer :)

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