Raise your hand if the dentist makes you nervous. No offense to those in the profession. I know you have trained hard, and for that, you are compensated heavily for having your hands and faces in people's mouths ALL DAY LONG!

I have had some weird and memorial experiences in my past. I mean growing up I got the braces and still have my retainers (shout-out to the glow-in-the-dark crew) For some strange reason, I really thought I wanted headgear, but probably a good thing that never happened. Ever needed a root canal? It is SO painful and now I have a fake tooth. I was once that I had teeth of an 80-year-old and even donated my time to students have my teeth cleaned only to find out that it's NORMAL to do only HALF of your mouth during your appointment.

Finally, I have found a dental place that I really enjoy but that doesn't mean I was looking forward to my cleaning AND cavities....there were five :( I haven't been in a while but still no excuse. Grrrr. The SHAME! But you know what cheered me up as I was driving? Young Jeffrey! Turned on 107.3 KFFM and he was is in the middle of his song of the week, about going to the dentist! Buahahaahahaha! Totally flipped my mood so I had to tweet about it :)

You guys, they retweeted it! :) hee hee!

I forgot that I had five cavities so the teeth cleaning was just part one! I also COMPLETELY forgot that they put those horrible plastic teeth dividers in. Trying to stay calm WHILE gagging and then they start asking you if you are ok! Now I have to pee and we are now in the middle of this thing...so when we take a break, I ask. What's the deal with you guys always asking questions with your hands in our mouths? She said that it keeps them focused. Imagine working all day checking on people's teeth and no one wants to talk to you, they want to watch tv. I suppose it would get lonely so that's why they do it....well if you don't mind that you can't really tell what I said, I guess we're good! :)

Now to find out why I have 80 year old gums, I will keep you posted!





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