Pesto Eggwhite Tacos

Not going to lie, my mouth is currently watering. Like I will probably need to leave in the middle of writing this post and make my lunch, which today will be my upgraded version of Pesto Eggwhite Tacos.

My original post was about a year ago but I have been going hard on this delicious meal for years. Recently though, while at the grocery store I spotted some mini peppers and since purchasing them, I have taken this meal to new heights.

The original recipe is from The Flat Belly Diet. I was watching Dr. Oz and he was speaking about superfoods that help keep you full longer and also work to reduce belly fat. That seems to be my body's favorite area to store my chubs so I was super intrigued.

The meal comes in around 400 calories but if you are searching for something that is going to keep you full for a good four hours, this sucker right here is all about it.

Here are the ingredients you will need, feel free to mix and match with your favorite add-ons but I will say. The secret ingredient, in my opinion, is the garlic herb laughing cow cheese. I use only one wedge to cut down on the calories, more I think would overpower the rest of the flavors. I tell you, the creaminess of the cheese mixed with the pesto, the eggwhites and corn tortillas with that kick of spice and crunch of veggies. It's divine. Seriously. SO. GOOD.

Honestly, I needed more Tapatio on that biz AND I would probably pour the peppers over the top as I did in the photo. Hey, that's the fun part about cooking. You get to try new things.

Keep it here coming up I have a recipe for mint and peanut pan-seared Brussel sprouts as well as edamame hummus.

So much food


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