2 Great Places to Get Korean Snacks in Yakima

If your child is into K-Pop like my 11-year-old daughter Willow, then they are probably on the hunt for some Korean snacks. They watch kids eating them on TikTok and YouTube. Typically in Washington state, you have to drive to a major city like Seattle to get some hard-to-find Korean snacks. Asian stores like Uwajimaya and H Mart are the best places on the Westside to find them but we wanted to know, are there any places in Yakima to get your K-Pop snack fix? You betcha!

2 Great Places to Get Korean Snacks in Yakima

We found 2 great places in Yakima to stock up on Korean snacks like drinks, chips, and candy treats. Willow had me driving all over town trying to find Korean snacks in Yakima. She said she was on the hunt for shrimp chips, some bento box-style candy, and different flavors of Pocky that we don’t already see in the “International” aisle at the grocery store.

The first place you can find Korean snacks in Yakima is Joy Garden, a Korean restaurant that is a local fave (5605 Tieton Dr). Two of the cool items they sell are Choko Boy snacks and Hot Brew Vanilla Latte iced coffee drinks. Hot Brew has a member of the K-Pop band, BTS, on the front! 

Choko Boy Korean Snacks
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BTS Hot Brew Vanilla Latte


The second place we recommend for finding Korean (and Japanese) snacks in Yakima is Bubbles & Co., a place where you can sip on champagne, Japanese beer, bubble tea, and assorted coffee drinks (4001 Summitview Ave Suite 17). They have a sake fridge filled with unique flavored sake. Bubbles & Co. also has a bunch of Korean and Japanese snacks, including the popular Popin’ Cookin’ candies.


Kracie Popin' Cookin' Candy

Now you don’t have to drive all the way to Bellevue, Seattle, or Renton to get your Korean snacks fix! You can find them right here in Yakima!

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