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Oooooh, today (Nov. 20) is going to be such a fun show :) Dean from Pacific Northwest University is coming into the studio and we will also have our psychic medium Melissa Henyan. Dean and I have spoken before about how positive thoughts, your mental health and taking care of your body can curb A LOT of illnesses.

And as you've seen with Melissa, getting closure and receiving some mental peace takes away stress. I would love to open up the conversation between two approaches to keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically -- and we always play it by ear, so this could get very interesting :)

Feel free to call us and ask your questions beginning at 4 p.m. PST -- (509) 972-1073. We will also be live on our Facebook page to answer questions, do some readings and talk about the importance of being able to verbalize feelings as we enter into the holidays.

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