I remember as far back as grade school exploring so many different things. I wanted to be an artist, an athlete, a musician and singer, an actress, archeologist, painter, baker, gardener, a florist, and a photographer. I wanted to play the piano and dance like Michael Jackson. I wanted to design clothes that were flowy and full of sparkly gems to wear at red carpet events. I also wanted to learn another language.

Sarah J hanging

I have a lot of passion and energy, and I think.....ok I know. I hoped to learn it all through osmosis. Like if I dreamed and wanted it bad enough I would just sit down at the piano and write a song or be able to express myself fluently in Spanish after watching one movie.

I now know, that's not how life works. You can love a lot of things and even be good at a handful of them but to truly be great at stuff. You need to pick a lane. I've never been good at that. I'm all over the road when it comes to following my passions. One day I want to craft and the next I'm writing down lyrics to a song. It's a nice thought but I don't consistently keep at any of it and that's the secret. The hidden key that a lot of us forget, ignore or pretend we've been doing when we see someone else crushing what they are passionate at.

The work that goes into being really good at it. Like sign language or learning guitar. It takes time.

I have probably spent an hour in the past three years practicing on the guitar I bought myself. Todd from my sister station KATS's son dove headfirst into playing for hours a day and within months began playing full songs. That is a passion of his, mine is a fun idea that might turn into a reality. If I go for it.

We all need to acknowledge within ourselves what the passions and the ideas are. Once you have a clear path of what you're really into you, you will be happier. I know I am.

I sing and will always sing. I also know I love gardening, reading, learning about crystals and tarot. I enjoy repurposing candles and cooking is really fun. I've just started a yoga course so when I get stressed I can dive into one of my passions and it'll help mellow me out.

It took a long time to accept that so I write this for the dreamers that feel all over the place. You aren't lost.

I'll leave the incredible beautiful coasters I found an artist making on Instagram to that person and support her small business by buying them instead of trying to add yet another fun idea to the list of d-i-y projects stuffed in the cabinet.

Find your passion


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