All right! We are about to kiss 2018 goodbye! Are you eating everything you possibly can until the clock strikes midnight? Whole new leaf will be turned on the first day of 2019, correct? Awesome, I am SO excited for you :)

Do you have a game plan? Is it cutting out EVERYTHING that is bad for you and going to the gym six days a week? You know that's a recipe for disaster right? We've all been there, we go hard! So hard that after a month OR the first hiccup we have talked ourselves out of a new body and go back to a hope and a prayer while eating it all.

Rolling into ALMOST my first full year of maintaining my weight -- March will be my anniversary -- I encourage you to join my private support groups Get It Right! Get It Tight! and What The Health Is Up? Both groups are full of members just like you trying to get the most out of life while still having a good time. We share our struggles and our victories. Recipes, tips and tricks for losing and lift each other up.

Support is key when losing weight because, yes it's true it's up to you, but when you have a friend who is there to pick you up when you fall and vice-versa, your road to victory is SO much stronger. You will fall, but it's what happens afterward that really shows where you are in your journey.

Let's kick off 2019 together. There are even some chances for you to win some new gear to help get you started! :)

CLICK HERE for a $300 visa gift card and ANOTHER $300 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods! Contest ends Jan. 23, 2019.

PLUS once you join my groups I am entering you to win a jump rope! One for me and one for you! I have heard Victoria Secret models use them to get that sexy core ... this can go for the guys, too! So what are you waiting for? Get in it, you won't regret it!


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