Who out there loves food? Me too! I've loved it since I was a little gal, TMI when I was younger I got introduced to bulimia and after one session I realized what a waste! I can't eat all this deliciousness and then get rid of it!

Instead of working on good eating habits I continued to love on food, sometimes in private. Like I would sneak into the church's freezer during service and make myself ice cream sundaes with hot fudge and whipped cream. I was the pastors daughter, not an excuse, but I had access and I fully took advantage of it!

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In high school I played three sports, didn't drink near enough water and wrapped up most days by treating myself to Taco Bell and chugging milk. I was like a Hobbit, if a meal was being served I was there...even if I had just eaten. There was no shame in my food game, I gained the nickname of the grazer because I never had a plate and no matter what I did, the weight never seemed to go anywhere but up.

Once in college I ended up losing a bunch of weight but it wasn't because I was working out and eating better, I had no money and was too prideful to ask my parents for help. The weight didn't stay off, I never learned good eating habits and packed it right back on.

I have completed Beyonce's insane Lemon Water, Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper detox, worked my way through the South Beach Diet and enjoyed many meals from The Flat Belly Diet thru out the years.

I fell in love and married my husband, who is super tall and lanky. He can eat all the fried food and sweets he wants and never really seems to gain. I took that as my cue to eat like him and gained even more weight.

At one point I was offered a partnership with a weight-loss program and I lost it all! I was the 170 pound goal weight I had always dreamed of and loved it but also hated it. I felt weird in this boney body and soon was back to my poor eating habits, being full and laughing at how the weight wasn't coming back...until it was.

The pandemic hit and my birthday celebration with a seven and seven turned into an evening ritual for over a year! Yes, I gained back the last remaining pounds I had shed and though I attempted to continue to lose or track my food, I had no game plan, no real motivation and was feeling plump and uncomfortable not being able to wear most of my clothes.

Sweat pants were a constant, I love wearing them skinny or not but realized recently I was being made fun of at my nephews soccer game by two ladies that just couldn't wrap their head around the fact that I had stepped out of the house dressed like that. "Their Mother's would never have allowed them to do something like that"... News Flash ya uptight ****** we're full grown adults now and we should be able to wear what we want. I bet the cold seeping through their skin tights jeans was making them cranky. I never said a word but did find it funny that I had for a split second debated wearing my lounge around the house sweatpants out in public but it was cold and windy that day so I put on my favorite sweatshirt and felt so bundled up and comfy, I nailed it and also do not care what others think about my choice of clothing. I hope you too can find the strength to feel the same.

The Most Important Lessons I have Learned from Being Skinny and Chubby

You have GOT to learn how to love yourself at any size. It might shock those who feel miserable at their heaviest to know that if you lost all the weight today, your mind will still continue to go through the same negative patterns. You have got to get to the root of your issues and learn how to train your brain to speak to you kindly. To ease yourself in to new trains of thought and healthier views of what goes in your body. Deciding what you can and can't live without is important, without it you will NEVER find true happiness. You can do this, one moment at a time! You, can do this!

How I Started to Lose the Fat

I am one month in to my weight-loss. At my heaviest I have tipped the scale at 260, the second heaviest was 232 and my third a month ago was 229.6! That was where I started with Spokane Weight Loss. I was told I couldn't work-out, which was kind of devastating because I LOVE my Starcycle Yakima family. I can do yoga and walking but it all needs to be light. There's a food plan including approved proteins and veggies, recipes and tips including a social media support group. There's a list of what I need to stay away from and I'm starting to make my plan for the future. I am weighing my food, not counting calories, not tracking what I eat more than what I really loved and didn't and working on drinking a gallon of water a day! I step on the scale each morning and the weight continues to fall off!

I have lost 17 inches, from April 5th of 2022 to May 5th of 2022 and I have managed to lose 18.8 pounds of fat! The other day I slipped into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in over two years, I've tried a few times since I started this journey and they just didn't fit right, until now! I have around 11 days left until I arrive to my maintenance portion of the program. Reintroducing some healthy cooking fats and continuing to make smart choices and I am so excited!

What I Have Learned Recently

  • Learning what a portion size looks like is important
  • Drinking the correct amount of water (a gallon each day) gives you energy
  • Preplanning is a sure fire way to continue to thrive
  • Making sure to mix-up meals is important so you don't cheat or get too bored
  • You have willpower, you just have to use it
  • Making a commitment to your health will give you time to think about how you want to eat once you are off the program, also more time for hobbies
  • I know that I want to commit to eating healthy 80% of the time so my splurges don't run my days and excited to get the chance to test it out
  • A lot of my calories come from flipping coffee creamer. Black coffee isn't as bad as I had thought!
  • Support is not only helpful but a must when you are struggling or feeling unsure
  • Healthier eating leads to many more bonuses than continuing to eat fried, fast and free!
  • Change your food, change your mood

Spokane Weight Loss has discovered the secret to losing fat while training you to take control of your own habits. You are still making choices on what you eat, you aren't going to starve on this thing and I swear on everything you will become more productive! You don't realize how much time you spend thinking about food, planning meals and making up reasons to party with food once you cut back! This is but a moment but it could be the moment your entire life changes!

Call them today for your free consultation 509-317-4030 and below I have put together a gallery of some of my favorite meals to get you started!

What I've Been Eating

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