Maybe it's my age but I am starting to notice there are TONS of different squashes out there! I mean I am aware that pumpkin is one and yes, I plan on attempting to make my own puree because Shereen told me not to lazy.

Where does one even find sugar pumpkins?

I have turned into a squash hoarder so it's time to begin creating some amazing dishes and I figured I'd share because we all gotta eat and maybe if this inspires you, you'd be willing to share some of your favorite recipes. It could be like a swapping sort of deal, ya dig?

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Tonight I will begin messing with the delicata squash. I'm working on not spending money every day and I have some left-over tortellini so I feel like it might go well and there is really only one way to find out. I have had this recipe in my head for a while and I truly do think TikTok is listening because each time I go, some sort of random food I have mention pops up. I don't mind though because it's inspiring to try new things.

Also, this butternut squash recipe is one I plan on attempting soon, I don't want to have too many squashes going at the same time.

That a whole lotta squash

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