Frugal Foodie
Frugal Foodie

Have you ever owned an item that carried energy with it? Every time you are near the item you feel something? Good or bad? The item could have been passed down by a relative or purchased at a garage sale. It could be super old or brand new but there is something about it that you are either drawn to or want to stay away from!

Items like jewelry, dolls, native artifacts, knives... it could have been an item that you brought home from a yard sale, purchased at The Goodwill or anywhere, that item can contain energy that you do not want in your home.

It's called psychometry readings on objects and Melissa, our resident psychic medium, is very interested in finding out the items that our listeners have in their possession right now!

Is anyone interested? Message us via that app and send a picture with a description. There is a chance we might bring you into the studio or who knows! Skies the limit but with tomorrows reading landing on September 11th, a full moon on the horizon AND Friday being the 13th. I feel like there's no time like the present to clear out that energy and start fresh moving into fall :)


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