With so many searching for food I wanted to highlight the fact that Pacific Northwest Fresh has got what you want. You can sign-up for a weekly box to be dropped off right on your doorstep, you can donate to a family in need or you could sign-up to be that family.

Each week I go through my haul, share the recipe that's included and also come up with some of my own. I love suggestions so if you see an item and want to share please message me @sarahjthedj on social medias or by downloading our free app.

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The boxes are a great way of introducing you to what our local valley is currently producing and I always love learning about new items I have never tried. Have you heard of a Snow  Princess White Peach? Neither have I but I can't wait to see what they taste like.

Pacific Northwest Fresh Contents and Ideas

I've really been wanting to try some steak, mixed with mushrooms and cheese inside peppers. Not sure if it will be what I imagine but there is only one way to find out.

Last weekend I caught a live video of Jennifer Garner watching Tabitha Brown whip up peaches and biscuits and it was SO good. So if you have any yourself that you want to use, chop them up and toss in a pan with oil, once they start sizzling away add nutmeg, cinnamon and some maple syrup and let it reduce down to a nice brown and set aside. You can heat up some butter with cinnamon and sugar while you use store bought biscuits or bake your own and after they come out of the oven slice those suckers up, add your peaches and drop some of that butter mixture on top. Oh, honey. That is the business.

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