Wow! So yesterday Melissa Henyan, our resident psychic medium, was in the studio (every Wednesday beginning at 4 p.m.) to take phone calls and messages 509-972-1073, our 107.3 KFFM Facebook page or contact me via

We focused on how to communicate with your animals. Curious on how you might do that?

Melissa says our animals are very intuitive but also communicate more through images than words. You want to come at them with the most love and non-aggressive behavior you can. For example: if your cat is constantly jumping on the counter and you want them off, you normally would say "get down," but probably you are picturing the counter in your mind. Stop that. Start picturing the ground -- focus on where you want them, not where they are. :)

Melissa has been a pretty incredible guest, as well as friend, and we've been having her on the show for a few months now.  I really don't ask to be read, but occasionally my loved ones pop up and last night it happened!

My grandma came through, SHOWED UP in Melissa's car after the show! Below are the messages I received:



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