Happy Wednesday!

Half way through the work week, kids and parents are adjusting to the new schedules. Loads of stuff going on but is there something that has been nagging at you? Do you have some big decisions in your life to make and are searching for some guidance?

Call me! :) I will be bringing Melissa Henyan in the studio again today beginning at 4pm PST to take calls, answer questions and give us all a boost to push us through the rest of the week into the holiday weekend!

Whether it is a loved one that has passed. A pet that has been acting strange or something that keeps happening to you that just doesn't make any sense THIS IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED.

CLICK HERE to follow Melissa's page. You can download our free app at the google play or apple i-tunes store, stream from KFFM.com and even call in with your questions at 509-972-1073. You'll have about seven minutes with her and most of it's pretty private so unless you don't mind us playing some of it back we will keep it to ourselves. You also can reach out to us on facebook with your questions or even instagram or twitter! Totally open to having you reach out with whatever avenue makes you feel most comfortable.

We usually wrap up her time with some positive words to get us through the week and last week it was all about negative thoughts. When you notice yourself starting to go a little dark, you need to acknowledge it and immediately begin switching those thoughts to more positive ones. Negative invites negative so you want to make sure you are opening yourselves to the positive side...hope I am saying that right Melissa :)

It's been a really fun experience so far and I encourage you to reach out to your friends and family that really enjoy these things. We have had a few people call in for other loved ones and all ended up in tears (happy tears) by the end of the call based on what was said. I would LOVE for you to experience that.

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