Do you have questions that keep rolling through your brain going unanswered? What do I do next? Is my Grandpa ok? Why do I feel like my dog has something to tell me?

If this sounds like you well welcome! Wednesday can be rough but to break-up the work week I decided we need something special, in steps psychic medium and animal intuitive Melissa Henyan

CLICK HERE to watch last weeks facebook session

We will open up the phone lines at 4pm PST. Feel free to give us a call 509-972-1073 and then we have been switching over to our KFFM Facebook page which has been SO fun because we can actually bring people on the screen with us while we are live!

Share with your friends and family because sometimes the message might make NO sense to you but then you ask someone who is close to you and they TOTALLY get it. The more the merrier. Happy Wednesday and really looking forward to connecting with you.

Last week we spoke on the power of positive thinking and what you are supposed to do AFTER you ask for positive prayers and thoughts. CLICK HERE for more details

Wonder what will come up this week :)

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