**** yeah, I did it.

I know I am not supposed to be allowing my mood to be altered by what I weigh but when you step on the scale and go from 192 to 189, you gotta celebrate right? :)

Since last January I have slowly been ticking up but I also haven't been paying attention to what I am eating. I have been taking overeating very seriously and pretending like I could do that forever. Well, it finally caught up with me so there have been a lot of emotions these past two weeks.

Attempting to reboot the motivation. I think I made it to the gym one time and then stopped again. Until this past week, I've been dragging my feet but felt I had turned a corner with last week's Tales from the Scale, I said I would track it all and I did, well almost all of it.

I was attempting to reach 10,000 steps a day, that is the typical goal for everyone but I just couldn't get it, even when I danced my butt off at Claws for Paws this weekend. Only hit 9,000 something.

So I will be honest and fair with myself and set this week's goal to hit lasts week's average of 6,800. I can do that, you can too and if you need some weekly challenges find me on the Fitbit and we can go walking on trails digitally and push each other :)

Calorie wise I pretty much stayed at around 1,700 and below. I knew if I was consistent I would lose weight this week just for the simple fact I have been eating a daily calorie count of about 2,000. This type of weight loss won't continue for long if I don't add on working out but for now, I love this part :)

The struggle is real so the veggie game needs to go up. Do you have any favorites? I chose to go with zucchini, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, and asparagus :)

Have you ever made brussel sprout chips? Super easy, wash em, chop the bottom off and carefully peel as many leaves as you can that are full. Little pieces are going to burn. Toss in olive oil, salt and pepper and whatever other spices you like and lay them out on a tray to bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Check them every five until they are crispy brown, black ones will taste like they are burnt. :)

I made a tray of different veggies and have been slowly eating them up, once you start it gets easier and yummier.

all the veggies
brussel sprout chip makings
water veggies and a tuna sandwhic
Townsquare Media/ Veggies
Townsquare Media/ Veggies

This week I am working on putting together a meal plan with recipes and next week I will share it.

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