Buahaha I had too! Have you ever seen Bill Hader talk about night clubs? :)

Purrr Restaurant

There are SO many new restaurants popping up around town and yesterday I invited my brother and sister-in-law out to enjoy Purrr in Yakima!

I have been very curious about this restaurant based on the name alone! Well now that I have been inside and tasted the deliciousness, I can PURRRfectly describe my thoughts :)

The restaurant has nothing on the walls, very sleek and simple with plenty of space for two or many more with a nice sized bar. The water tasted delicious, the perfect amount of cucumber flavor without tipping over into bitterness.

Each menu item has little twists that I really liked. The jalapeno poppers were filled with mango cream cheese (YUM!) and the avocado fries came with a cilantro and peppercorn ranch dipping sauce. OK! :) The onion rings were the perfect ratio of breading to the onion and weren't dripping in oil, very tasty and very fresh :)

I have never heard of a Paloma before but my grapefruit drink had the fancy addition of grapefruit-flavored sugar around the rim. Small touches that take everything to the next level. I believe my sister-in-law's virgin margarita had lime sugar around the rim.

Large portions and fast service I enjoyed my french fries, seemed like they were fresh cut and loved the dipping sauce. I am a freak for sides in general.

My stomach is rumbling just thinking about all the yumminess so if you are searching for a new spot to check-out I fully support your trip to Purrr, the hottest restaurant in Yakima ;)

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