Cheers to 2021! Cheers to you and cheers to our health!

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I'm sure there are already a ton of broken new year's resolutions, I had said I wasn't going to drink anymore seven and sevens after the new year...I have had two since so I am not judging anyone.

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There was a moment where I was a touch bummed that I haven't gotten my booty more motivated over the past year but at the same time, 2020 truly was a dumpster fire and moving into 2021 even though the light is on at the end of the tunnel things are still burning so give yourself a break and let's focus on a few easy to grasp options.

Nourish the Mind

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Your Mind is a VERY powerful weapon. What you say to yourself is the most important place to start. Are you being kind to yourself? If you spend a lot of the day dogging on your looks, the way your body feels in your clothes, or comparing yourself to others, you will NEVER find peace. I can attest to the fact it doesn't matter if you lose all the weight you have ever desired, get a giant raise and pay off all your bills or land an all-expenses-paid vacation. After the excitement wears off, you are still you, and your self-talk matters. So start working on being your own hype person. Pay attention to the negative talk, everytime it happens, replace those comments with something positive. Train your brain to be kinder and your entire outlook will begin to follow suit. You can't control what others say or do but you can control what you're up to, even though we sometimes fall into the blame game. Knock it off. You've got this.

How to Sack the Snacks

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Do you like to snack? I LOVE it and I am very aware that my calorie intake has well exceeded the amount my body needs to function on a daily basis. I am not telling you to start tracking everything you eat, not even to get rid of your treats just take a second and write down three things that you like to do. I'll go first. 1) I love to read 2) I love planning my upcoming garden 3) I love crafting. You can certainly have more than three things but every time you have a craving outside of your regular meals and snacks turn to the list of things you love to do. Just like quitting smoking, which I am about to enter year three with no cigarettes you have to fight the craving, the power of the mind is crazy strong so instead of giving in to it push through the 10-15 minutes (not sure it would even be that long) where you want something and distract yourself! Soon you won't be thinking about that snickers bar or the seven and seven. If you are on the flip side of this and not eating, please consume at least the 1,200 -1,700 calories for ladies and the 2,100 calories for men. Food is energy and can fuel your projects if you use it correctly.

Water, Water, Water

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Water! It's free and it helps get your digestion moving. If you struggle with pooping, not gonna lie, this helps get things along. It will make your joints feel better, can help keep you full, if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated so try and get eight 8-ounce glasses of water or half your body weight. The struggle is real and yes you will have to pee, a lot, in the beginning, but the benefits will amaze you. Find a favorite cup, add ice or frozen fruit or cucumbers and lemon if you want something fancy. Water is where it's at.

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That's it! For now, I am going to try and start getting at least 30 minutes a day. I watch WAY more tv than 30 minutes a day so I will make a point, when I let my kitten Winnie out for her evening run, I will get to it. It could be a walk, using my simply fit board, push-ups, jumping jacks, or a mixture of all of it. I am saying these things out loud because I struggle and I wanted you to know that you are not alone.

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