In 2020 my home tribe of the Yakama Nation. Several organizations decided to cancel all Treaty Days activities, due to Covid. So there was no parade, pow wow, or rodeo. All these events help commemorate the Treaty of 1855 with The Yakama Nation.

Now a year later in 2021. Some events had either canceled or postponed. Initially The Yakama Nation Cultural Center in Toppenish. Announced it was canceling any in-person events. Like the Treaty Days parade and salmon lunch.

Photo By D-Rez/ TownSquare Media

But someone came up with the idea to have a drive-thru parade. So on Wednesday (June 9th). Several Yakama Nation programs got their floats together. And Lined up the Cultural Center in Toppenish.

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So I decided to hop in line to drive through the parade. Little did I know it was going to be a wait. But thankfully, an employee at the Cultural Center was streaming the Treaty Days Parade on the Cultural Center Facebook page.

Photo By D-Rez/ TownSquare Media

All I can say is. It was great to all the floats and some smiling faces. Since people were still wearing facemasks. Getting together to enjoy this year's Treaty Days Parade. Not only that but also just doing something to commemorate the Yakama Nation Treaty of 1855.

Then I met up with one of the committee members for the Treaty Days Pow Wow. And got confirmation that the Treaty Days Pow Wow for 2021 is being postponed. The current Yakama Nation Royalty will hold their crowns for another year.

Photo By D-Rez/ TownSquare Media

But thank you to the organizers for this year's 2021 Treaty Days parade. I know it was a long wait in line for this drive-thru parade. But again it was great to see all the floats and people smiling.

Photo By D-Rez/ TownSquare Media

I know A lot of people enjoyed the parade. To see people dressing up in their regalia. To come together and represent their organizations. You can see more pictures on the Yakama Nation Cultural Center Facebook Page.

More information about the Yakama Nation can be found Here.



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