Well if you were hoping to get fizzle poppers and wiz dinger bombs along with your black cats and roman candles you are out of luck this year.

Covid-19 strikes again and this time it has come for the Yakama Nation's firework stands.

It was a decision made by the Yakama Nation's Tribal Council, effective immediately, and will extend through December 31st, 2020.

For those of you who posted pictures of your stash of fireworks on social media, way to go. Looks like you made out like bandits while all of us who wait until the last minute are pretty much out of luck.

Be careful, if you are found lighting off fireworks during the ban you could receive a fine of $250 or possibly a stay in jail.

All of this is being done to discourage gatherings of large groups. The last time a holiday rolled around the numbers spiked and coming into the 4th of July weekend we don't want to them to jump again.

Zoom your friends, make some phone calls or do a socially distancing drive by to stay in touch but please don't throw a BBQ and invite everyone over. Now is not the time.

While we make adjustment after adjustment, I do have to ask.

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