Always Be My Maybe comes to mind when love is right under your nose. Staying in place has had all kinds of new revelations popping up like when a recent listener Courtney confessed

my quarantine partner and I were just friends, drinking and getting into deep conversation and listening to music. turned out we grew romantic feelings for each other. I didn't know what an incredible man he was. he may literally be my equal. we both give 100% in our relationship and I've never had anything like it! 🙂 #covid19love

I'm positive this new couple isn't the only discovery that's happened lately. With the pace of life slowing down, your mind has a chance to really focus on what's important.

Relationships are getting stronger, I would hope. I've noticed that I've been able to communicate better with my husband and the extra time is giving me a new understanding of what makes him happy and how to continue to be me but also be with him all the time haha ;)

I know it's not all rainbows and sunshine but let's take this time to really grow our relationships...or at least laugh with them while we talk about them

Here's what some of you have already said

Jenna - I would pick this crew during an apocalypse!! Tyler Searcy-Radke Angel Kling Autum Bracero Mikey and Kkron!!!

Jo - That this partnership is the bomb! 27years and still strong!

Lupe - How strong our marriage is. Whew. Glad we have a big house.

Jamie - My 4 year old should have a tornado named after her.

Nicole - We have became closer and have learned we can do anything we put our minds too together

Amanda - They need a substitute teacher

Terrie - When things get hard we become stronger and closer

Jamie - Public schools are a blessing

Roni - My girls & I are bonding & working together by keeping the house quiet while the girls are taking online college classes & my Senior also is doing her High School assignment packets plus house chores.

Tiffany - That these mother ****ers crazy 😜 but god **** I love them 😍

All about the quarantine crew

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