Getting ready for the show today I came across an incredible story of a 50-year-old bar owner in San Fransisco that closed the doors to his establishment because he wanted to follow his dream of becoming a professional pole dancer in Las Vegas! Yep, you read that right. Imagine showing up to work and seeing a letter taped to the front door

He said

This seems too far fetched however one employee weighed-in

“I’m doing my best to convince him to allow us to open the bar again,” it continued. “He wants the entire staff to fly to Vegas to see him on stage before he even considers allowing us to open the bar again.”

While they sort out that business I figured we should all share the wildest business when it comes to jobs

In case you have the urge to quit and become a pole dancer as well here are some basic moves for you

And if you didn't know you too could become anything that you want to. I mean look at this dude, he was a construction worker and now he is a pole dancing king!

It takes work and loads of practice

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