The jobs are out there and it might feel like you've already applied for so many but just  keep pushing, you will start getting call backs.

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An important reminder while you searching to clean-up your social media, employees want to see what kind of person they would be hiring and an easy place to take a peak is what you've recently posted. Yes, it's your personal page however you represent the company you work for so keep in mind what you post could be the reason.

The Post Office is hiring

The post office is hiring for a number of positions such as; a mail processing assistant, a postal service clerk, postal clerk, postal mail carriers, mail processors, city carrier assistant, mail clerk, postal mail clerk, postal mail handler and more.

Bi-Mart is hiring

Bi-Mart has two locations in Yakima and has been around for many years, a perfect business to get your foot in the door with.

John Riggs, Townsquare Media

Wendy's in Yakima is looking to hire a manager

John Riggs, Townsquare Media

Also hiring a manager in Yakima is Popeye's

Getty Images

Amazon Flex is hiring in Yakima you can choose from grocery delivery or even UberEats, maybe both


Sally Beauty is in need of part-time and full-time workers.

Kevin Kane, Getty Images

Calling all 16 year old's. If you've been searching for a currently Aeropostale is in need of Brand Ambassadors

Naomi Baker, Getty Images

Starbuck on 56th and Summitview is hiring baristas image

Yakima Valley College is in need of a part-time position to be filled

Getty Images

You could apply at Safeway to become part of the night crew

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The Home Depot is in need of a part-time merchandiser

Getty Images

Snag the coolest merchandise entering the store because your eyes will see it first with a full-time position at the Dollar Tree

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