What an incredibly well-spoken woman providing insight on growing up in a middle-class interracial family where she was provided with a strong base. Something a lot of Americans are not blessed with. What journalist Soledad O'Brien has done with her career, the hard work and lessons learned, have brought her to where she is today. Able to provide bright futures for others.

O'Brien brought her thoughts -- and her upbeat encouragement -- to Monday's Yakima YWCA 25th Annual Leadership Luncheon at the Yakima Convention Center.

Local DJ Rik Mikals also opened up about his past in the foster system, shedding light on the fact it's not just the little ladies we need to be caring for. And there was also a very moving speech from a local woman who fought long and hard to break the cycle of abuse she had grown up in and grown accustomed to.

Every dollar makes a difference, so if you were unable to attend know there are still many ways to give back via donating monetarily, your time or even via supplies.

We had risen above $25,000 when I left. Fingers crossed we break all the records!


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