Your Ingredients 

Two Grapefruit

Two Oranges

One Lime

One Lemon

One Cup of sugar


slotted spoon, strainer, wire racks, pot, paper towels

Fresh fruit is so juicy, delicious, good for you and it has so many different uses. Lemons for lemonade, squeezing over fish or mixed into my favorite edamame hummus recipe.

Limes for tacos and chilis. Grapefruit for breakfast with a pinch of sugar or broiled and served with vanilla bean ice cream for a bomb dessert

Broiled Grapefruit with vanilla ice cream
Sarah Johnson

Lately, I've been checking off items I've wanted to try and the newest is candied citrus peels. Ridiculously fun to make and eat, are you ready?

How to make candied citrus peels

I'm excited to test out blood oranges and continue to improve the technique but honestly, one of my favorite parts about making these is they are kitchen scraps so if you mess up you're not wasting anything. It's also something the kids could totally help with though that waiting game might be tough.

Here is the recipe I am going to try next and I would LOVE for you to send me photos if and when you try some of your own.

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