"Into the thick of it!" If you've heard the song on social media, I'm sure you were singing along. Either that or some chanting of, "just keep swimming" from Finding Nemo. I find myself having to push these days to complete twice a day watering. As the plants get bigger, the amount goes up and I have yet to settle on a system that doesn't involve a hose, watering can and hiking around the yard, refill after refill after refill.

One of my two raspberry bushes has bit the dust, the hanging baskets are still blooming, even one that flipped over during the last wind storm is still showing off. The wild flower patch is thriving but I'm getting a little lazy and dumping water on it instead of a slow and soft drizzle.

The grape bushes, after months of no change, finally started sprouting new growth! I also learned an important lesson on why you don't use the same pot of dirt for multiple years of growing, my strawberries are not only small but don't taste like anything. Pasilla peppers from seeds are probably growing too slow to bare any veggies this year and the sunflowers are slowly getting bigger but SO much smaller than what I am seeing from others posts.

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The Dill pumpkin is crazy fun to watch, every day it seems to double in size almost taking over one side of the fence and most definitely is not done. Three pumpkins have started and then shriveled now I have found two more growing, one on each side so fingers crossed these babies are the ones!

Pumpkins, Trees and Weeds

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