The roses have been re-growing really well but I noticed the other day there were little bumps on them. Getting closer I realized they were little white bugs and without much thought assumed it's just part of spring turning to summer. Yes and no.

Those little white bugs, according to my father-in-law are aphids and they LOVE rosebuds and brand new growth. So much so they can suck the life out of your beautiful rose garden before it gets a chance to thrive. Having never experienced this I asked how to get rid of them and the answer is shockingly easy.

Spray them with a mixture of water and a drop or two of dawn dish soap. Boom! I went around to all the small buds in the beds and gave them a few spritz. So far so good, looks like they took off but I will keep you posted.

We're on week three of composting. SO glad I purchased a secure container with a lid, sometimes I struggle with removing because there's a racoon around the area. I haven't seen him yet but my father-in-law, our neighbor, mentioned not only did he catch him eating the cats food, he stood up and looked at him like, "do you mind? I'm eating here" Ahhh! He doesn't seem to have any interest with the compost and three weeks in I don't smell anything bad coming from that area.

Also a friendly reminder to keep up your watering. I purchased dill pumpkins that can get up to a record 1,100 pounds. I haven't been watering them near enough. It's become part of my morning routine, one of my favorite parts of the day. Join our How Does Your Garden Grow Facebook group and drop what you're currently growing. If my raspberries take off I will probably need to offer up bags of them and that's a great way for all of us to reap the benefits this summer.

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