Finally, it's done. Composting's been on my mind for the longest but it's one of those things I know NOTHING about so it causes anxiety. I purchased a bin months ago and it's just been sitting in the garage. I researched and finally felt like time's a wasting if I don't try and I really hope it works. I figured I'd walk through what I've created to begin my first layered compost bin.

Join How Does Your Garden Grow on our Facebook page or message me via the app if you know more. I am so curious about all of it and hoping for the best. If you've ever been wanting to try, it's a process but the time will pass anyway so let's go!

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Step One

Figure out a nice shady spot in the yard or garage where you'll keep your compost.

Step Two

Select a bin or container to hold all your compost. Your bin should have a lid or covering to keep out the animals. There's a chance of gases I believe or something so you'll want to poke/slice/drill holes in the sides and bottom of the bin, all over the place to help release that stuff. Liquid will be involved so another thing to consider is a tray for the bottom to sit in. Mine's sitting outside so I'm currently not doing this but if it was in the garage, for sure.

Step Three

Start collecting all the vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, potato and more peels in a bag that's stored in the freezer. Once it's full this will be your layer of greens. You can use green grass clippings, leaves, hay set aside in an area to add once you're ready to layer

Compost Lasagna

  • Layer the bottom of your bin with hay, sticks and leaves
  • Then grass clippings if you have them and a layer of chopped up frozen scraps
  • Take left over newspaper, only the black and white print, chopped up and layer
  • Douse with a bit of water
  • You can also make a layer of cut up cardboard and paper towel rolls

Repeat once you've got enough veggies and kitchen scraps to cover a layer.

Ideally three bins might be the ticket to help keep a good flow. One for a starter and once it's broken down a bit it goes to bin two and good to go compost sits in the third one. This is a great way to feed your plants and continue a healthy garden and I'm pumped to try something new.

Lasagna Composting

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