What a weird yet satisfying ending to my run with ShopKo. Though we might meet again in another place...hold that thought...you were liquidated across the Country so that's not happening :(

Did you guys know ShopKo had been around since 1962? It is such a trip to watch these stores we grew up with shut-down.

Mom and I made it out to the one on 72nd on Saturday, I was hoping to take some photos of what was left, but my phone died. Only the front of the store had items left and the spread was pretty limited but I nailed a good deal.

Tights for only $2.49!

I am actually on hold with Shopko as I write this, I thought maybe they might still be open but either way, I guess this is goodbye on many levels. My call was important to them but there is no longer any reason to keep holding! So long ShopKo or as my Mom and I thought it was pronounced when we moved here back in the day, Shop Circle K!



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